Watch the Tractor Shack turn wrenches to proactively maintain and improve just about anything with a motor, delivering Reliable service each and every time.

Preserving and improving the longevity and quality of your vehicle, boat or camper, really anything with a motor, saves you time, money and peace of mind. Around here, we are intentional in making the right choices to ensure detail and precision is delivered every time. Tell us your challenge and we’ll fix it!

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“Awesome work! Honest, reliable trustworthy. I was so impressed how Chris knew exactly what was wrong with my car when I drove up; just by the sound. I love my car. It’s hard to find someone who I trust to take care of it and who really knows their stuff. Chris is the real deal. He has a new loyal customer and I highly recommend him!”

Rachel O., MBA, MEd, MS

“Tractor Shack!! Tractor Shack!! Chris saved the day when we were about to pay an arm and a leg for spark plugs. He was done in 2 hours and saved us so much stress. Trustworthy, easy and the right price. What else do people want?! ”

Clay S., Business Owner