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Our resilience after a painful past is a testament to the gift of Grace we receive from God. Take it from The Shaggy Donkey; until his Rescuer came to change his neglectful circumstances, he lived in pain and fear. As he followed his new Master out of his dark and lonely barn, he began to sense a joy he never knew. Eventually, in his new home where love grew on trees, The Shaggy Donkey couldn’t help but hee-haw with joy and ease.

Jenny M., – April 21, 2021

The Shaggy Donkey is a beautiful story about finding the good in ourselves and embracing the valuable gift of love. It’s so important to instill the importance of taking care of living creatures for our children and this story nails it. One experience is all it takes to change a child, and sometimes a whole family for the rest of their lives. Must read!!

Justine S., – May 2, 2021

As a mama, we hope to find ways to teach our children about important character qualities such as kindness and resilience and it can be so hard to find resources! I loved reading this charming story to my 4 children and watching the smiles cross their faces as they learned the story of Shaggy Donkey. As we watch The Shaggy Donkey transform from a lonely hopeless animal to a loved and confident pet, my kids can hear how they have unique gifts that can help others. I am delighted to add this book to our library, and look forward to reading it through many times and being reminded that we can transform any obstacle to an opportunity. Thank you, Shaggy Donkey, for reminding my family about the importance of spreading kindness!

Brittany L. , – May 15, 2021

The Shaggy Donkey helped me to explain what resiliency means to my young daughter, especially after the tough year we’ve all experienced with the pandemic. We absolutely loved this book! Definitely a must read.

Lisa C., July 24, 2021

This book is a reminder that we ALL go and “grow” through difficult times in our lives. We’re not alone! And there’s always hope. Quick read and uplifting. I bought 3 copies and will certainly share with friends and family!

Marie B., July 27, 2021

With so many parents tackling self-esteem and low confidence challenges among their children, especially after the pandemic, The Shaggy Donkey Children’s Book is a strong resource to boost confidence and resiliency among children.

Stephanie E., July 21, 2021

I just got my book in the mail and I literally have tears in my eyes from the positive message that I received from this book! I know The Shaggy Donkey personally…and I can relate to his message personally too. ? Great book for any age for a message of resiliency!

Sylvia C., July 27, 2021

Amber and her family have such an amazing story and are always shining sunlight for everyone to bask in! I can’t wait to dig into this book and share the lessons of resilience with my family too!

Awesome Mike, July 26, 2021

This is the quality of story that our children desperately need in our schools! Collectively, we need to build and rebuild our children to grow through resiliency! Let’s all “grab the good and grow!” Thank you, Shaggy Donkey, for sharing your heartfelt story we all need to hear!!

Sean H., July 30, 2021

Such a sweet story! I read this book to my 3 children ages 5, 9, and 12. They all loved it! We enjoyed watching Shaggy Donkey’s confidence transform through love and connection with his new family. It gave us the opportunity as a family to talk about situations where we’ve all shown resiliency and the great qualities each of us have to help others and ourselves. They also loved searching for the flower! A very cute touch! A Must Have in your parenting tool box!

Michele M., July 29, 2021

This story does a great job of showing that we all have value; but from the unexpected viewpoint of a donkey! Written by a mom with the help of her family, it’s charming and has valuable tools and resources to help parents!

A Bake, August 1, 2021

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