Way back in 2000, walking to class in opposite directions in their high school hallway, Chris tripped over Amber’s foot. They both looked back, and their eyes met for the first time. He said “I’m sorry” and she said “It’s okay.” It didn’t take long for Chris to find Amber in the library, and he asked for her number. Sleepless nights followed for Amber as Chris fell asleep on her shoulder, as she wrote many of his papers that were due the very next day.

Just like all stories, Chris and Amber’s life together has been quite a journey. All along, their hearts, beliefs and values have been in the same place. With two adventurous, loving daughters, they’re still tripping over each others’ feet. Both from the Carolinas, you can usually find Chris and Amber at home, church or camping. They love spending time together with their animals, friends and family. Together is their favorite place to be.

Join Chris and Amber in their new business journey, something they’ve always desired to try together.

About the Author

Amber is a mother of two adventurous, loving daughters; a wife to a humble man who fixes and builds anything for them; and a daughter to an honest man, full of faith, who raised her on his own.

Amber is passionate about continued learning and received her MA in Education, focusing on Curriculum and Instruction. Since she was a child, Amber has always loved reading and writing. She enjoys the simple things in life, and can usually be found cooking, going to church, camping and spending time with their animals, friends and family.

About the Illustrator

Anniston is a deeply resilient child, optimistic in the most unlikely moments, finding the best in her circumstances. Since she could crawl, Anniston has shown compassion for others, trying to help and asking “Are you okay?” These days, she shows lots of compassion, love and patience with her little sister, Dakota Grace!

Anniston is passionate about reading, piano and swim. Whether she is learning a new recipe with her mom, a backflip or Bible verse, when Anniston is determined, amazing things happen. She really enjoys spending as much time as possible with her animals, friends and family.

About the Little One with Wisdom

Dakota Grace is a true problem solver, searching for solutions and ways to help, especially fixing things with her dada. Even at her early age, she has learned to ignite her challenges into courage, often saying “I’m okay, I’m tough.” Dakota Grace is full of positive and humorous energy, with a heart overflowing with love for others. She is a true joy to be around.

Like her big sissy, Anniston, Dakota Grace has discovered a passion for reading, piano and swim. She likes to help her mama with dinner, and her favorite recipe is whipped cream! She loves to play all day and go see-saw-bump at the church playground. She also enjoys spending as much time as possible with her animals, friends and family.

About the Font Constructor

Chris is a devoted husband and father, and pours his heart and hard work into their every day. He tries his best to be positive and learns from his daughters how to find the good in all things. He loves an adventure, being outdoors and exploring with his family.

Since he was a child, Chris has been turning wrenches, fixing and building things resourcefully. This passion lead to his education and experience as a senior mechanic, to now providing reliable service at the Tractor Shack. You can find him there, or wherever his wife and daughters are!

Step on over and meet one of their beloved rescues, The Shaggy Donkey!

About Shaggy Donkey

My name is Shaggy Donkey.

I was not always considered cute.

As a donkey, I don’t hold the stature of a horse or a mule. I am not a beautiful icon of a stallion or race-winning mare. Nor am I a hard working mule; carrying cargo for my owner.

I am a donkey; not a horse or a mule.

Sometimes, unfortunately, you tend to shine the light on the worst of who you are and what you believe. Like a donkey, you may have been ridiculed, abandoned or abused.

Like a donkey, you may feel as though you are out of place, have no friends and perhaps no future.

But I have good news! You see, as a donkey, I carry the BEST qualities of ME. I am strong. I am kind. I love people (even if they don’t always love me). Which brings me to the good news. You see, you also carry the good qualities within your own self. The challenge is, you don’t always see them.

And like all donkeys, I have a unique gift…a secret gift that no human knows exists. I share it with you today, not so you can look at me any differently.

Instead, so you can look at yourself differently.

Read more to discover what Shaggy Donkey has to say about Resiliency to children facing adversity, based on his true story, and his unique gift he has to share with them.