Fall is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Between the cooler weather, sweet treats, and cute costumes, what could be better? Also, since we’re big fans of fall over here at Marie Farms, we have compiled a list of our top six things you and your family should do this fall season! Because what is better than spending time with the ones you love while doing something you all can enjoy? 

 1. Go on a Hike

Take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage this season by taking a day (or weekend) trip to the mountains! Or if the mountains are too far, go take a hike in your local park! It’s a great way to get the family moving and together, all while being away from technology! 

2. Build a Leaf Pile 

Make doing yardwork fun for both you and your kids! Get the whole family outside together, rake all the leaves up into a big pile, and then once your pile is complete, everyone jumps in! 

3. Have a Bonfire 

On a chilly night, you and your family can all warm up together by building a bonfire! And of course what is a bonfire without smores?  Include this sweet treat to make it official and while you’re at it, tell some spooky ghost stories to get into the holiday mood!  

4. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

What’s fall without a visit to the pumpkin patch? Not only will your kids love this but, it’s also a great family photo opportunity where you can snap some quick pics of your kids running around looking for the perfect pumpkin. 

5. Pumpkin Painting 

Once you’ve gone to the pumpkin patch and picked the perfect pumpkin, it’s now time to decorate it! While some kids may be old enough for pumpkin carving, your little one may not be. This is why pumpkin painting is a great alternative when it comes to decorating! It’s fun, safe, and sometimes easier than traditional carving!

6. Family Costume Party

Since we’re still in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, trick-or-treating may not be something you want to participate in this year. We totally get it! This is why we came up with a great alternative- have a family costume party instead! You could even have each room in your house decorated in a different spooky theme and place out candy bowls in each room! Make it fun and make it your own! 

We hope that some of these suggestions make it on your fall family activity to-do list and we hope that you enjoy them! But, more importantly, we hope that you are able to spend quality time with your family this fall season. Whether it’s participating in a fun activity or just simply eating dinner together once a week, we encourage everyone to enjoy their family’s company and to cherish the time they have with them.