As Summer draws to an end and back-to-school commercials fill television screens all across the country, students everywhere prepare to head back to the classroom. This is super exciting for many reasons but, it can also be super stressful for some students. Especially after a year of online learning with little to no in-person interaction. So if your child is feeling nervous or has some anxiety about going back to school (in-person or not) here are 5 tips that you can use to help ease their nerves! 

Tip 1: It’s Okay To Be Nervous

Repeat after me- nervousness is okay! It shows that you care about the situation at hand and want it to go well. It’s also okay to be nervous about being safe and healthy during this time at school. Talk through with your child about the precautions and safety measures that both you and your school will be doing in order to assure that they will be safe.

Tip 2: Prepare Mentally

This is super important! Being mentally prepared is just as impactful as being physically prepared for your first day. So practice going to bed at a reasonable time, practice waking up early, and practice getting ready. That way when the day actually comes, you are more than prepared for it! This makes for an easy and smooth morning which will then turn into an easy day because you started it off on the right foot. It also gets your child into a routine. And routines are good for you because they help with reducing stress and help your child develop healthy habits. 

Tip 3: Plan Ahead 

Who doesn’t feel more prepared when they have a plan? Having a plan is a great way to build your child’s confidence for their first day. Whether it be getting them familiar with which classroom they will be in or practicing which route they will take to get there, having a plan is a great way to ensure they feel confident and prepared that they can take on whatever the day may throw their way.

These three tips are just a few different ways you can help ease your child’s nerves about going back to school post-lockdown. Additional, listed below are some more wonderful resources that give even more tips on how to prepare for back to school! We also recommend checking out our e-Course that is specifically designed to help parents teach their children in a fun and positive way about the importance of resilience!

Addition Resources: 

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And one more thing, tell your kid, THEY GOT THIS (and so do you). ?