Marie Farms

3119 Golden Nugget Dr, Clayton, NC 27520

Clayton, NC, US, 27520

This memorable 30-minute StoryTime is at Marie Farms, filled with fun and educational activities, includes author-signed book

Step up on The Shaggy Donkey Bus to read The Shaggy Donkey’s true story of resiliency for children!

We strive to be a resource for families and are now offering 30-minute StoryTimes on our one-of-a-kind Shaggy Donkey Bus at Marie Farms, Home of The Shaggy Donkey. The real-life Shaggy Donkey is Jack, and he can’t wait to meet you! Our StoryTimes are filled with fun and education activities, including an author-book reading, song, craft and other activities that leaves each child with an author-signed book.

We can ‘t wait to see you!!!

Hee Haw!

The Shaggy Donkey Family